Saturday, September 15, 2012



                      Random Thoughts on Prayer

Simply to say prayers is not praying...
Confession and penitence are its threshold
Adoration its sanctuary
Presence, vision and enjoyment of God its bread and wine.
                                                                                          * C.S. Lewis

For some it is simply sloth, it is easier to pray on whim and impulse than to apprentice oneself to the master.                                                                               * Eugene Peterson

Who can know the lifespan of a prayer?
                                            Aunt Vera

It does seem an incredible thing that such guilty nothings should have the power to move the arm that moves the world.                                                                * Charles Spurgeon

The broken down, sinful, ragamuffins of Israel flocked to Jesus (for prayer). They tore apart roofs, climbed trees and formed huge crowds to see him.             * James Bryan Smith

Intercession is not the breathing out of pious wishes,  its aim is to bring down Gods blessing through believing, persevering prayer.                                            *Andrew Murray

If God commands me , unfit as I may be, I will creep to the footstool of grace, and since He says pray without ceasing, though my words fail me and my heart itself will wander,  yet will I stammer out the wishes of my hungering soul and say; O God, at least teach me to pray and help me to prevail with you.
                                                                                          * charles Spurgeon


I cannot tell why there should come to me
A thought of someone miles and years away,
In swift insistence on the memory,
Unless there is a need that I should pray.

Perhaps just then my friend has fiercer fight,
A more appalling weakness, a decay
Of courage, darkness, some lost sense of right;
And so, in case he needs my prayers I pray.
                      Rosalind Goforth

                               Pray without ceasing...for this is God's will for you in Jesus Christ.                          
                                                          *Paul; 1 thessalonians 5:17-18

Challenge; Think of the last thing you prayed about--were you devoted to your desire or God?
                                                                  * Oswald Chambers