Friday, September 25, 2015

Womb of the World

Marcin Sobas photography

 Rasped tremolo-
of cricket knee
 soft lullaby
 wooded melody.
Auroral anima-
womb of the world
silent sacred
night unfurled.

Cover me
oh dawning soul,
your barely blue, and gray
 Delay delay delay-
I bid the day.

Rays slip slow-
horizon creeps
dark contracts
lucent seeps.
cloud canopy-
 illumined mist 
 lighted loam
Oh, holiness!

Cover me
Oh, dawning soul,
your barely blue, and gray-
delay delay delay
I bid the day.

Pavilion pitched
veil drawn
no man prevents
Gods birthing dawn.

And then there was light,
It was good.
                          L. Paddock


Where morning dawns and evening evening fades
you call forth songs of joy.
Psalm 65:8