Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Aaron and Mary

I need an Aaron. Someone to be my voice. Someone to temper my words and reflect my heart. Someone to deliver the goods.
You need a Mary. Someone to be your prayer warrior. Someone to stand in the gap. Someone to cheer you on.

You need a jonathan. Someone to be your friend. Someone true. Someone to lend a shoulder and an ear.
I need a David. Someone to encourage. Someone strong. Someone with a heart after Gods.

I need a John.  Someone to stop and soak it in when I want to jump headfirst into the tomb.
You need a Peter.  Someone to run when you can only crawl.  Someone to lead when you lag.


I got an Adam. You got an Eve... submission vs. seduction

You got a Rahab.  I got a Jeremiah... prostitute vs. prophet.

I got an Abraham.  You got a Thomas..... disciple vs. doubter.

You got a Job.  I got an Esther ....oppression vs. obedience.

I got a Judas.  You got a Hosea....betrayal vs. bride.

                         We got a Saviour  He got a sinner.....


                              Yep, life isn't fair.