Thursday, September 5, 2013


For years she yearned for a child.

Her sister had two.
Her friends had many.

And then it all happened so fast.

Three beautiful boys, just like that.

Baby boy #1...full term, healthy, but died at birth.
Baby boy #2...healthy. James. killed at 18 by a drunk driver.
Baby boy #3...born severely mentally and physically challenged. John. Institutionalized at 12. Dead at 45.

It has been said that if all the trials and sufferings of man were heaped into one big pile, most of us would walk away and keep our own. My Aunt Vera would ascribe to that theology.
I never once heard her complain or wear a garment of bitterness.
Instead, she inspired me with her spirit of sacrificial service and sincere heart of gratitude for the lord in ALL things.

This is what my Aunt Vera taught me;

A love for God, his creatures and his creation.

Sleepless nights are for the rocking of your 6'4" baby boy in your lap as you comfort his insomnious agitation and embrace the wee hours to memorize and recite scripture.

Forest clearings can become a wooded worship chapel.

The night sky is the handiwork of God and worthy of praise.

"There's no family like ours."

Daddy long legs are harmless. See, you can even pick them up, just like this!

Broken people are beautiful and have a purpose in life.

"When you worry, you just worry about the wrong things, so don't worry."

Hardships are highways that lead you to service in a ministry you might otherwise have missed.

We are all fearfully and wonderfully made. 1

And lastly:

If God is satisfied
with His creation
who are you
to challenge His elation?

1) Psalms 139:14