Monday, April 22, 2013


Sometimes you feel caged when really you're only cupped.*

That's what she said after a bird flew into her kitchen this morning.
Ironic. This was exactly my experience today as well. The frantic flight for freedom, the thumping of chest, caged confusion. All attempts to free the bewildered bird frustrating, but ultimately resulting in release.
Oh the elation of winged freedom, it was an early morning gift of joy to what was to become a heavy day for me.

And then she does--she spreads her wings and she finds out: He is the air of this world and she's meant to soar.*


I have felt caged lately. Life being what it is, you probably have as well.
Life has a way of doing that to us, we have a way of doing that to ourselves.
In spite of our poor choices, or simply as the beneficiaries of a broken world, we were meant to soar above it all.
I needed the message of freedom this morning--I needed to soar!
It may feel otherwise, but we aren't caged!  We are lovingly cupped in the hands of our heavenly Father, delivered from the confines of captivity, and nested safely in His great name.
Now that is a reason to sing.

* Ann Voskamp, Aholyexperience