Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I'm one of those people who likes to take up permanent residence in the past.
Fortunately, this is a good thing. I have many fond memories of my childhood-- magical christmas', family vacations, backyard BBQ's and Sunday dinner at the grandparents. Even the Saturday chores, lectures and groundings, and honing of my writing skills with 500 repetitions of;  "I will not hit my brother" or  I will not talk back to my parents" make me smile.
                                                                       He Was                                                                              
         You gave me life and showed me kindness, and in your providence watched over my spirit.
                                                                        Job 10:12

Tomorrow(eternity) is promised. That inspires hope.
                                                                    He is to come

Unfortunately, I can't stay in yesterday  as much as I would like. My flesh and my spirit occupy the present with all its demands.   Ugh.
And tomorrow is, well, tomorrow. So return to the present I must.
So often we are so busy looking back or planning ahead we forget to live for the moment.
In her book,  Living in the Sacred Now,  Kim Thomas compares the now to a flying trapeze act.
"What woos me most is the flying trapeze act. It is so all or nothing.  There is no room for halfway commitment or apathetic involvement. They have rehearsed their act, so with grace and timing, toes pointed, they leap fearlessly from one bar to the next. But the time between the bars is not dead time. It is the peak of the performance. My problem is that I keep thinking the only safe places are the two swinging bars. The time between them is unknown and risky. Perhaps the secret would be to swing long and hard enough on one bar until one could hold both this bar and the next one. But then there would be no flying. And flying is where life is fully lived..."
                                                                           He is.
                                                 He is the God of the sacred now.

I'm going to live between the bars today.  In the IS.  Just say'n.

                                    I Am the Lord God, "who was and is and is to come."
                                                                    Revelation 1:8

Living in the Sacred Now.  Kim Thomas