Tuesday, February 7, 2012

You make my heart sing, Lord.

As long as I can remember, I have had a deep and presiding awareness of God and His creation.
Consequently, I also had a lot of questions, and it was pretty much the routine throughout my childhood to call for my father in the evenings for answers to my  musings;  "Can snakes crawl across quicksand and not sink?" "Can I have a gerbil?"  "How does God make the stars stay in the sky?" "Does He wear underwear?" "What kind, are they white?". (True questions!)
Bless his heart, no matter the content of the inquisition, he faithfully came to my bedside with an abundance of patience.
My curiosity continues today, and no wonder, as Ecclesiastes states that, " He has set eternity in the hearts of men". It therefore stands to reason that we ALL would have an innate hunger for the spiritual.
But there is one thing I REALLY want to know. What does God sound like when He sings?
Did you realize scripture is replete with references to God's voice? Did you know that song accompanied the creation of the earth? (Job 38:7) That song will also accompany the end of it? (Rev.5:13)

Consider scriptures account of song:

He gives songs in the night......Job 35:10

He surrounds you with songs of deliverance.....Psalms 32:7

God rejoices over you with singing......Zephaniah 3:17

At night His song is with me.....Psalm 42:8

If God gives all creation its life and breath, then the mountains bursting into singing, the trees of the field clapping their hands and the heavens declaring the glory of God, just might be the language our soul hears and knows best.... the very voice of God!!!!!  Shhhh, Listen.

Father, how beautiful is this world you have placed us in. We see your hand in every display of nature, hear your voice in the whisper of the wind,  the rushing of the waters and the rustling of the leaves. From heaven, make us hear your voice directing us in the way we should walk. Let us hear you singing and surrounding us with songs of deliverance. Help us take a moment just to be still, to breathe it all in, and know that you are God. May the stones never have to cry out on our behalf because we fail to praise you!!!!


"The sovereign lord has spoken to me and I have listened."

 Oh, praise the Lord!
   "This earth is crammed with heaven!"
Oh, praise the Lord!
    And, Christian, look around!
For every bush you pass with fire is flaming,
And every spot you tread is holy ground.
                                      Anne Ortlund

REVIVE:   Apply your heart to what you observe today and learn a spiritual lesson from what you see.
                  Then praise Him for the revelation!

Job 38:4,7  Isaiah 55:12  Deuteronomy 4:36  Luke 19:40 Ecclelsiastes 3:11 Isaiah 50:5  Proverbs 24:32