Sunday, August 18, 2013

Where Have You Come From, Where Have You Been?

Holy, Holy, Holy, are you LORD God, Most High.
Your are worthy to receive all glory, and honor and power.

Your are The God of Israel.
The  God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
The God of Moses, Miriam and Joshua
The God of Joseph, Mary and Isaiah
The God of David, Solomon and Job
The God of Rahab, Ruth and John.
The God of Jeremiah, Hosea and Paul.
The God of Peter, Adam and Eve.
You are Alpha and Omega
Creator of heaven and earth
High King of heaven
Ancient of Days
Beginning and End.
You are a refining fire
And consuming love.
You are El Elyon
El Shaddai

And yet--
You know me by name. You count the number of hairs on my head. You know when I sit and when I rise, when I go out and when I come in. You knit me together in the secret place and ordained all my days.

Such knowledge is too great for me.

Oh God, who am I that you are mindful of me?

May it be, when you ask, Where have you been and where have you come from, that I not answer as the evil one;  From roaming throughout the earth and going back and forth in it.

May it be I can say;  I have been to the Throne room of God Almighty, singing with angels and sitting at the feet of Jesus, receiving grace in my time of need, drinking living water that flows from the heavenly Jerusalem, placing my finger in the nail holes of a palm and saying in my soul; You are the Christ, The Living One, The Messiah, Who was and is and is to come.

Woe is me, I am a women of unclean lips.

Let it not be so that I am found indulging the lust of my eyes, engaging in corrupt conversation, judging the different, withholding from the poor, or roaming the earth in selfish ambition as I taste the temporary and delusional wares of the world.

Have mercy on me oh LORD my king. For you are worthy to receive all glory and honor and Power.

Amazing Love! How can it be, That Thou my King would die for me.

Revelation 4:8,11,  22:13  Isaiah 6:5  Psalms  8:4,139   Job 1:7  Romans 8:38-39  Matthew 16:16