Saturday, May 25, 2013

Flowers in the Fescue


"What do you want from me", he asked.
"I want poetry. And I want wildflowers from the roadside that say--I thought of you today", I replied.
"We don't have flowers, remember?  It's really only fescue."


 But there are flowers in the fescue!  See?  There!  Right there. At your feet. Abundant beauty, lavish color, petals of praise, hidden holiness--see?

I don't want to settle for the ordinary, common fields of fescue.
While worthy in its own right, you desire so much more for us. Open our eyes that we might see wonderful things in your word, and your world. *
Help us see beyond the grass to the glory of your gifts.
Even more, let us "not want to merely SEE  beauty",  let us actually "be united with it, pass into it, receive it into ourselves, bathe in it, become part of it." (1)
Give us eyes to see the flowers, and then, ears to hear you say--
 I thought of you today!


Lord, I want to see!
Luke 18:41

*Psalm 119:18
(1) C.S. Lewis "The weight of glory" in The Weight of Glory and Other Addresses.