Friday, May 31, 2013

#1000 gifts for 2013 - Taking the Joy Dare.

Open my lips lord, and my mouth will praise thee.
Psalms 51:15

I am getting a late start on this mission--counting 1000 reasons to praise in 2013 -- I'm a slow learner. But the Lord has been good to me, so here I go....

#1 A child's laughter rolling with somersaults
#2 Healed bodies
#3 Infinite grace for a finite sinful me
#4 Selfless love of a faithful spouse
#5 Heritage of family 
#6 Bird songs
#7 Winding paths of dirt through wooded beauty
#8 My forest sanctuary
#9 Gentle rustling of treetop leaves.
#10 Gift of adoption, so that she could be my daughter, and ultimately His.
#11 Spirit of God that won't ever let go of me
#12 Scripture that speaks wisdom to my soul
#13  Peace of early morning moments with The Lord
#14 Chocolate. Really!
#15 Opportunity to share Job 31:16b with Co-worker this morning-widowed at 49. Sharing God's awareness of her grief, and compassion for her weary eyes. Revealing to her a Living God who see's .
#16 His sovereign hand-in the unexpected moments of life-even in the secret place.  Psalm 139:15
#17 Holy Spirit's halting of my use of the word "strive" in prayer this morning, and the reminder that it isn't by might or power that I am delivered from my propensity to sin, walk in obedience, or worship in holiness...IT"S BY HIS SPIRIT!  Zech 4:6   My striving fails--but--His spirit Prevails.
June 4
#18  Gratetful for his presence still with me in the morning-psalm 139:18
#19  Kingsley Dr. and Kalinda Ln.
#20 Aunt vera, her legacy of steadfast faith, and love for creation, that inspires me even today.
#21 The conviction that I too, can be the late night pick-up truck pulling flat-bed trailer and clanging metal on concrete,  disturbing peoples peace with the invasion of my own trailer full of noisy selfishness.
#22 Opportunity to affirm worth, and display Christ, to hurting nephew, and a co-worker struggling with a relational addiction.
#23 yesterdays revelation of Radaph and it's confirmation of what The Lord has been attempting to show me.
July 11
#24 That when I look around at all the hurt, my life seems pretty good.
#25 That god hasn't given me what "she" has because I wasn't designed to have it. I couldn't handle it. I couldn't handle the good of it, and I couldn't handle the bad of it. The good and the bad, they belong to her.